Why Dragon Boating?

Dragon boat is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. The sport is practised on all continents and has become extremely popular, especially in Canada. Canadians are one of the front leaders in international dragon sport today.

Anyone Can Participate!

Dragon Boating is both a sport and a recreational activity. It can be pursued by everyone — anyone of all abilities and at every level of competition. It is attractive to the corporate market as a 'community activity,' but it is also a high-performance sport for elite-level athletes.

This combination of ability range, tradition, culture and social interaction is highly sought after in today's world.

Team-Building Spirit

There is no other paddle sport in which 22 people work together to create a Team result, which rewards the efforts of the whole crew, rather than a few individual performances. This makes dragon boating a great team-building sport!

This harmony of purpose can only be achieved through many hours of training in the boat, learning to be a complete crew and developing the team spirit and understanding necessary to work together, as one unit, for the common good.

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